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If you are experiencing 1 or 2 channels that occasionally buffers or may even stall/freeze completely this is a correctable problem. Try exiting the channel then returning many times that solves the problem. If it continue please text the exact channel to Customer Text Support # it’s located below. If you are experiencing multiple channels that are consistently buffering or stalling/freezing completely please do a internet speed test by going to the Downloader App typing into the browser if your internet speed is below 50mbps which is the minimum speed that we recommend to stream Live TV then you will be required to increase your internet speed to have an effective viewing experience. If speed exceeds 50mbps here are some troubleshooting ideas.

   1. Clear Cache.

   2. If force stop is available select force stop.

   3. Delete any apps that you do not you use on your device.

   4. Reboot your router/modem by unplugging it for 60 seconds.

   5. Uninstall the TimBoTV App, then reinstall the TimBoTV App by entering 63645 into the browser of the        Downloader App.

Please try these techniques before contacting Customer Support.

Customer Text Support #

Customer Support Hours

​Monday-Thursday 9-9pm
Friday-Saturday 9-6pm
Sunday (Closed)

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