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How to Install the TimBoTV App on Android TV

*Install instructions for a Android TV*

*Step 1. On the Home Screen of your Android TV click on “Apps” next click on “Open the Google Play Store”.
*Step 2. Click on SEARCH.
*Step 3. Type in the word Downloader and click choose Downloader App or Downloader by AFTVnews.
*Step 4. INSTALL IT.
*Step 5. Open Downloader App and enter this number 63645 into the Downloader browser then hit “Go” Once the TimBoTV App is downloaded “HIT INSTALL”.
*Step 6. Open the TimBoTV App.


AT&T Internet customers if the login doesn’t work it says “INVALID”. I
f please follow these steps.


*Step 1. Open the AT&T Smart Home Manager App.

*Step 2. Click on Home Network Hardware.

*Step 3. Click on Advanced Settings.

*Step 4. Click on Firewall Tab.

*Step 5. Click on Security Options.

*Step 6. Click on User Disable Security Options.

*Step 7. Close the AT&T Smart Home Manager App.

*Step 8. Return to TimBoTV App.

Please check your internet speed you will need a minimum of 50 mbps or higher for best quality. To test your internet speed open the Downloader App and enter into the browser.

Devices: Welcome
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