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How to Navigate TimBoTV Streaming Platform

*Navigating the TimBoTV Streaming Service Platform*

(You should be on the “Live TV” screen)

1.   On the left side of your TV screen that’s where all of your “Categories” are located. The “Category” that is highlighted…for example on the left side of the TV screen USA News Channels are highlighted with 52 channels, then the 52 USA News Channels are in the middle column (of the TV screen).

2.   To select a channel to watch and save to your “Favorites” choose a channel you would like to save from the middle column.

3.   Click on the channel once then hold down the “Select Button” or “Ok Button” on your remote control and a note will pop up that says save to “Favorites”

4.   Lift your thumb and click once now a small heart will appear on the TV screen. Now you have successfully saved that channel into your “Favorite’s Category”

5.   To make the channel go full screen click one more time and the picture should cover the entire TV screen.

6.   To continue this process return to the left side of the TV screen choose a “Category” and select more channels to save into your “Favorite’s Category”

7.   To search for a channel click on to the “All Channels Category” on the top right corner you will see a search 🔍 icon click on it. Type in the channel you are searching for. 

Thank you for choosing TimBoTV for your families entertainment!!

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