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How to Install the TimBoTV App

Install instructions for Amazon FireStick 

*Step 1.

     A. On the Amazon FireStick Homepage click on the (Gear-Setting) on the right side of the TV                      screen.

     B. Then click My Fire TV.

     C. Then choose DEVELOPER OPTIONS.

     D. Turn ADB DEBUGGING & APPS FROM UNKNOWN SOURCES to the “ON” position. *NOTE If you go to My Fire TV, and you don’t see “Developer’s Option” but you do see “About” click on

it. You should now see My Fire TV click on it 7 times, as you are clicking it will count down and it will read “You are now a Developer”.

     E. Push the back button on the remote and you should now see “Developers Option” click on it and            proceed to follow the installation instructions. 
*Step 2. On the FireStick Homepage click on FIND then SEARCH.
*Step 3. Type in the word DOWNLOADER and click Downloader App or Downloader App for FireStick.
*Step 4. Click on Downloader App and “INSTALL”.
*Step 5. Open Downloader App and enter this number 63645 into the Downloader browser then hit    “Go” Once the TimBoTV App is downloaded “HIT INSTALL”.
*Step 6. Open the TimBoTV App.

AT&T Internet customers if the login doesn’t work it says “INVALID”: If please follow these steps.


*Step 1Open the AT&T Smart Home Manager App.

*Step 2. Click on Home Network Hardware.

*Step 3. Click on Advanced Settings.

*Step 4. Click on Firewall Tab.

*Step 5. Click on Security Options.

*Step 6. Click on User Disable Security Options.

*Step 7. Close the AT&T Smart Home Manager App.

*Step 8. Return to TimBoTV App.

Please check your internet speed you will need a minimum of 50 mbps or higher for best quality. To test your internet speed open the Downloader App and enter into the browser.

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